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World Honey Bee Day August 18

World Honey Bee Day

A great excuse to drink honey beer

August 18th marks World Honey Bee Day. It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy ZAPFLER honey beer. Celebrate with your friends at ZAPFLER or bring some bottles home.


Why we need a World Honey Bee Day

Back in 2009 American beekeepers started the World Honey Bee day to raise awareness about the bee industry. These little creatures are not only vital in producing the yummy honey we use in our beer but also pollinate about 75% of the plants that produce almost all the world’s food. So yeahh.. We’re kinda depending on these little creatures.

Honey beer.. Sweet or not?

ZAPFLER’s honey beer has a decent honey taste. Expect a floral and sweet flavour rather than grassy. In the beginning you taste the hop bitterness which ends in a decent sweetness from the honey.

While many brewers add honey before the fermentation starts to get a dry tasting beer ZAPFLER adds honey after the fermentation process so the beer gets a sweet taste.

As honey is a natural ingredient it fits ZAPFLER’s philosophy of using natural ingredients to brew pure beer.