Floezlinger Special in German Media



Floezlinger Special in German Media


Floezlinger, Zapfler’s über famous beer, stars on a German television show. That’s right! Our limited

edition Floezlinger got featured on SWR Fernsehen.


Brewmasters Dirk and Rolf

















Brewmasters Dirk and Rolf


Family brewery Hirschbrauerei Flözlingen

Family brewery Hirschbrauerei  Flözlingen brews beer in the German Black Forest region. Dirk’s

friend Rolf Schittenhelm is brewmaster in this small brewery. Rolf's family operates this brewery since

1793. Yep, that’s right. The family is brewing beer for 224 years! 

 Hirschbrauerei Floezlingen
















It's a family affair

The passion for brewing beer passed over from father to son. Brewmaster Rolf learnt brewing the

Floezlinger beer from his Father Brewmaster Gustav.

Wanna see them in action? Check out the movie under this article (minute 0:51 to 1:02).


The secret family recipe for the Floezlinger passes on from father to son. This makes Zapfler’s limited

edition Floezlinger Special extra special.  

 craft beer making















Watch the clip

Test your German skills by watching the clip.

Floezlinger Special in German Media


Black Forest

Wanna see what the Black Forest region looks like? From minute 4:19 onwards you can see

brewmaster Rolf enjoying his favorite hobby in the Black Forest region.

 Flozlinger beer





















Wanna visit?

Planning a holiday in Germany? Taste the Floezlinger Special in it’s natural habitat at Hirschbrauerei




Eschachstraße 15

D-78658 Flözlingen: 

Telephone: +49 (0)7403 489

Hours: Wednesday-Friday at 14:30PM, Saturday-Sunday and holidays at 10:00am.

Brewer: Rolf Schittenhelm

Website: Hirsch Braueu


About tge Floezlinger Special 

The Floezlinger Special is a brown lager based on a 220 year old recipe. This crowd pleasing beer rocks 6% alcohol and drinks smoothly. Loved by

Stammtisch regulars and also Dirk's favorite beer!


To sum up 

The Floezlinger Special is brewed according to Brewmaster Rolf's family recipy. Famous in it's region and abroad. This limited edition is popular

amongst Zapfler's friends. Be quick to taste it while it lasts.


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