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The exclusive German beers made by Zapfler Craft are brewed to the purity standards of the 1516 German beer purity law. Brewer Rolf Schittenhelm is helping to develop new, modern recipes. His family has been brewing the famous Hirsch beer in the Hirsch brewery in Flözingen since 1793, meeting the standards of the German beer purity law.

All Zapfler beers have a few things in common: pure, smooth water, high quality German brewing malts and yeast and hops from the best cultivation areas in the world.

The local Zapfer Craft breweries can respond quickly to customers’ wishes and brew the beers they offer according to season and sales.

The flavour-intensive, skilfully brewed beers are tasted by customers in the Jintan and Shanghai restaurants as soon as they are fresh.


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About us

Zapfler Beer was founded in 2014 in the Black Forest

No. 26, Second South Ring Road| 2130200 Jintan/Changhzhou, Jiangsu | China

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