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About us

Zapfler Craft Beer, Germany has its headquarters in the beautiful Black Forest in the homeland of the Bollenhut hat.


The Black Forest, with its clean air, green forests and pure springs, is both our inspiration and our strategy. Only completely pure beer of the highest quality is brewed and sold by the Zapfler brand.

Because the founder of the Zapfler brewery, Dirk Frauenheim also fancied a good beer in China, he opened his own Zapfler Craft Beer brewery in Shanghai in 2014.

It goes without saying that the exclusive German beer made by Zapfler meets the purity standards of the 1516 German beer purity law.

The Zapfler beers brewed in Shanghai and Jintan stand out for their high standard of quality and they also have the advantage of being able to be delivered to customers substantially fresher than imported beer.

The flavour-intensive, skilfully brewed beers are tasted by customers in the Jintan and Shanghai Zapfler restaurants as soon as they are fresh. The number of happy Zapfler people around the world, who value taste and quality is rising every day.

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Dirk Frauenheim’s work is raising the profile of German beer in China. That is why Dirk Frauenheim was granted honorary citizenship of Jintan in May 2015. His passion for good German beer has moved many in the Chinese beer industry.

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About us

Zapfler Beer was founded in 2014 in the Black Forest

No. 26, Second South Ring Road| 2130200 Jintan/Changhzhou, Jiangsu | China


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