Zapfler Pilser

The Zapfler Pilser is a harmonious, full-bodied Pilsener with a ripe aroma. The body is slim, besides the bitter hops, you can barely taste any residual sweetness. The elegant hops flavour and the malt aroma make for a palatable, fresh taste experience.

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Zapfler Wheat

As you pour a glass, Zapfler Wheat has a cloudy yellow colour, as is typical for a wheat beer. Then your nose is treated to the smell of banana. That first mouthful is mild, smooth and harmonious. To begin with, the aroma is very fruity and later it becomes more spicy. The aftertaste is rounded off very nicely by the wheat and is very moreish.

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Zapfler Märzen

In the glass you can recognise Zapfler Märzen by its golden yellow colour. It tastes slightly hoppy and very fizzy. As you drink it you will discover the perfect balance of hops and malt. The aftertaste is rounded off very nicely by the malt. It has a unique, delicious taste and is a treat for all beer lovers.


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Zapfler Beer was founded in 2014 in the Black Forest

No. 26, Second South Ring Road| 2130200 Jintan/Changhzhou, Jiangsu | China

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