Indian Pale Ale

In the glass, Pale Ale stands out because of its amber colour. But what really marks it out is the very complex smell that reminds you of citrus fruits. On your tongue a pleasant little tingle will let you know that it has been carbonated. But the beer is still smooth and full-bodied. As you drink up, you will be surprised to see how sour and bitter it is.

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Zapfler Smoked Beer

The malt used for Zapfler smoked beer is kilned over a beech fire and so has that typical flavour. If you like to drink smoked beer, you will be impressed by its reddish brown colour. As you enjoy the smoked beer, you will taste hints of orange and banana mixed in with the smokiness. Furthermore, there is also a light bitterness as you finish off your glass. This triad of smoky and wheat beer as well as the special malt smell is harmonically coordinated.


Zapfler Dark

The traditional Zapfler Dark is made from 100% dark malt. It is slightly sour to drink and after a while roasted flavours will start to appear in the drink, leaving a hearty taste. The aftertaste is rounded off nicely with hints of coffee and bitter chocolate. A lovely and palatable dark craft beer.


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Zapfler Beer was founded in 2014 in the Black Forest

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