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In China there has been and there will continue to be an ever growing middle class with disposable income, who value quality and taste in their beer consumption. This class has little sensitivity to prices and is usually willing to pay a little more for a better quality product.

So it’s not just the Germans who love and appreciate traditional beer varieties like Pilsner, wheat beers, Märzen and so on. The clientele in Asian countries prefer German brewed beer to local beers. 

In Germany, new recipes are being developed for unique Zapfler craft beers, new sites are being sought and assessed for Zapfler Beers, investments are being made and marketing and training for branches around the world are being organised.

The beers, brewed on site, stand out for their high standard of quality and have the advantage of being able to be delivered to customers substantially fresher than imported beers.

The local Zapfer Craft breweries can respond quickly to customers’ wishes and brew the beers they offer according to season and sales.

Partner2Join in the Chinese (Craft) Beer Boom!

There is already a higher volume of beer brewed and consumed in China than in any other country in the world. (Over 450 billion HL, 25% of global beer consumption, the Chinese beer market is twice as big as the U.S. market, which is in second place). However, it is also predicted that the Chinese beer market will overtake the USA as the highest grossing beer market in the world over the next few years.
Chinese beer brands are distinguished by their low alcohol content and a barely perceptible beer flavour and are often sold for less than 30 European cents per bottle in supermarkets. Zapfler Craft beers are sold on tap for €6-8 per 1.5 litres.


Partner3It’s not just in the major cities of China that you will find a wide range of imported beers, often sold at prices higher than those at which they are sold in Germany. The beer sold there is largely sold in cans and has often been stored for several months or even a year in highly fluctuating temperatures – a nightmare for any beer connoisseur! Even the best beer doesn’t taste good when it’s been over stored in a can.

That’s why the Zapfer breweries brew quality beers right where people will be drinking them and thus maintain their high standards.

The Zapfler breweries are looking for partners to found new Zapfler Craft breweries (sites with their own breweries) or Zapfler brewing pubs (Restaurants/beer pubs licenced or managed by Zapfler) in all of China’s big cities over the next few years.

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