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Drink Like The Germans Do!

It’s time for the first real ‘Drink Like The Germans Do’ explainer. We’re kicking off with the ‘why’ behind the German custom to look deep into each others eyes when drinking a new beer.


Staring your drinking partner in the eye is a must-do when clinking your glasses together to celebrate a new beer. Failing to do so will result in seven years of ’bad sex”. It’s obviously a superstition (at least we hope so) but the custom dates back to medieval times. Loudly clinking your glass while keeping eye contact with your drinking buddy was…… believed to prevent poisoning.



Why? Imagine you poisoned the other drink: you would make sure no beer would splash over into your glass when clinking. So staring into each other’s eyes created mutual trust.

Don’t worry. No need to be mortified when toasting with your friends. There’s not a lot of historical evidence but better safe than sorry right 😉 Want to get out of the staring contest? Use this excuse: “Better bad sex, than no sex”. Cheers!

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Disclaimer: No Germans were hurt nor beer was spilled in putting together this list 😉 !