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Drink Like The Germans Do!

German beer drinking –  the mini-quiz

Germans are globally known for their beer appreciation. Last week we shared that learning how to drink beer is passed on by parents to their kids. Now we’re looking into the legal beer drinking age in Germany.

But first.. Let us test your knowledge.

What are German youngsters allowed first?

a) Driving a car;

b) Driving a motor cycle;

c) Drink beer in public.

Can you guess?


Beer – The greatest freedom

We guess you already know the answer …


Yup! In Germany you might stumble upon kids that down their first pint at age 14 when their parents/guardians are present. Though, officially the teens have to wait till their 16th birthday to order a beer at the bar by themselves.


The logic behind this law is maybe that the youngsters should be used  alcohol consumption before they start driving motorized vehicles  – but this is only a theory J


Want to drive your car to your “BEER-thday” party? Wait till you’re 18! You’re only allowed to drive a car after you blow out 18 candles on your birthday cake.

Great news right! When you pick up your driver’s license you can drive straight to a beer garden to celebrate. Or to the airport to board your flight to China. So you can cheers at ZAPFLER in Shanghai, Changzhou, Wujiang or Jintan.



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Disclaimer: No Germans were hurt nor beer was spilled in putting together this list!