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Floezlinger Special is ZAPFLER’s most wanted craft beer

And with that.. We don’t mean it’s so good someone stole it. Nope we mean the Floezlinger Special is so popular it often runs out.


It’s a limited edition brew

The fresh yeast in the recipe makes it a limited edition. The 220+ years old recipe makes this tasty brown lager even more special. This crowd-pleaser  rocks 6% alcohol and drinks smoothly. It’s also the favorite beer of Brewmaster Dirk and the Stammtisch regulars.


The heritage of the Floezlinger Special

This tasty beer originates from the Black Forest area where brewmaster Dirk’s friend Rolf runs Hirschbrauerei Flözlingen. Hirschbrauerei Flözlingen is a family brewery that brews fresh beers for over 225 years. Their beer is famous in the area and beyond as it got featured on German television channel SWR Fernsehen.

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