BeerBrewerMeet the brewer- part 2


Meet the brewer

In the meet the brew master interview series we learn more about Zapfler’s brew master Dirk Frauenheim. Get ready for part 2! Missed the first part? Check it here.
Do you have a special memory about the first beer you ever drunk?

My most special memory is of the first beer I brewed myself. My first home brewed beer was a Hefeweizen. I was so excited to hold this beer in my hands after consuming beers brewed by others for over 30 years.


What do you like most about beer?

Beer is a natural and healthy drink when it is brewed regarding the German Purity laws. Did you know that a natural cloudy Hefeweizen is isotonic and 1-2 glasses are perfect after sports activities? Great incentive to start working out isn’t it?


Which beer would you recommend to someone that doesn’t like beer at all and why?

Definitely the Kefir Lime Ale or the Ginger beer. Both are malt based “beers” but they taste surprisingly different.

In the Kefir Lime Ale we replace the traditional beer hops by fermented fresh Kefir Lime leaves. This makes the beer refreshing, slightly sour with a taste similar to a Shandy. Our Ginger beer is brewed with lots of fresh ginger and fermented with wheat yeast.


If you could only drink one type of beer for the rest of your life what would it be?
At the moment I would say the Floezlinger Special. This limited edition is seriously refreshing and super tasty. It’s a fan favorite in all ZAPFLER locations.The Floezlinger is a brown lager based on a 220 year old recipe from my friend Rolf who is also from the Black Forest area in Germany.



What’s your favorite German food and beer pairing?
The bitterness in the Smoked Lager pairs perfectly with comfort food like the pork knuckle or the sausage plate.