Beer typesTen Craft Beers to Try When in Shanghai


A spotlight on our favorite drink

When visiting downtown Shanghai, enjoying craft beer at ZAPFLER is a great thing to do. Drink fresh craft beer & craft liquors paired with homemade food. Want a bit of help in deciding which beer to order? Here’s our top 10 of most ordered craft beers in ZAPFLER Shanghai.


#10    Floezlinger Special 6%

This insanely popular beer is a limited edition and still made the top 10! ZAPFLER’s fan favorite. It would be a real competitor for the #1 position if the Floezlinger would be available year-round.

#9     Kefir Lime 7%

Yong Kang Lu summer favorite Kefir Lime Ale also made the list. Kaffir lime replaces the hops in this slightly sour beer.

#8    Maerzen 5,2%

This malty Bavarian beer is traditionally brewed from autumn to spring.

#7    Abbey 7,25%

Brewed with Belgian malts, hops and yeast. This dark coloured beer is aged 12 months before putting it on tap.

#6    Smoked Lager 4,8%

The Smoked Lager is a well-aged beer that is brewed with smoked wood.

#5    Apple Cider 6%

Cider is an alcoholic drink made from fermented crushed fruits. This can be apples, pears, plums or other fruits.

#4    IPA 6,6%

IPA is one of the most famous craft beers with an incredible romantic story behind it. Want to know the romantic story…?

#3    Koelsch 4,3%

While typically brewed in Cologne in Germany, Zapfler brews this light Ale too. A limited edition as this beer is brewed with fresh yeast.

#2    Bohemian Pilsener 4,9%

The Czech Republic is also represented in Zapfler’s beer assortment. A lager beer with Pilsner malt ans Saaz hops from Czech Republic.

#1    Wheat beer 4,2%

The most popular beer at Zapfler is the Wheat beer. This light beer from the Southern part of Germany where it is called Hefeweizen.

These are our 10 most ordered craft beers. Check the whole menu here.