BeerParty8 fun ways to celebrate National Lager Day


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It’s National Lager Day in America. Friends all around the US gather to cheers on this ‘special occasion.’ Want to celebrate it in Shanghai too? We’ve got you covered! Here are eight ways to celebrate in style.


Eight ways to celebrate National Lager Day in style:


1. Drink with your friends

Bring your friends to ZAPFLER and enjoy some fresh craft beers. Bonus points if you celebrate with ZAPFLER’s smoked lager. This tasty beer is brewed with beech wood smoked barley malt. Like Whiskey!


2. Go on a craft brewery crawl

We hope we’re your favorite craft beer bar and you prefer to hang out with us. But.. Celebrating Lager Day by going on a craft brewery crawl sounds fun. Just promise you end your night at ZAPFLER and tell us all about your adventure!


3. Meet the brewer

Head over to your local ZAPFLER and you might just run into our brewmaster! Ask him all about how the fresh craft beers are brewed or simply toast with him!


4. Do a beer tasting

Order a tasting paddle and discuss what you see, smell and taste. You might discover your new favorite beer.


5. Order ZAPFLER bottles to go

Bring ZAPFLER bottles to go and hang out at home while you binge watch your favorite show.


6. Food pairing

Order a snack platter and a tasting paddle. Which of the beers do you think pairs best with the food? Want to cheat? Check our food pairing guide for some tips.


7. Craft beer games

Remember the games we played at ZAPFLER Shanghai during the 2017 Oktoberfest? Who can carry half a liter of craft beer the longest? Or who finishes the craft beer within 30 seconds? Gather your friends and play your favorite game!


8. Try a beer cocktail

Wait.. It’s Lager Day right? Yes we know! Spice things up by tasting one of ZAPFLER’s craft cocktails with beer. Like the Moscow Mule with ginger beer or a Hard Shandy made with beer, vodka and lemon juice.