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Drink Like The Germans Do!

Why Germans knock the table twice when leaving? 

Knocking the table  is an appropriate goodbye..

It’s totally acceptable to leave your friends hanging out at the table without saying goodbye. You simply knock quickly two times at the table.

You’re right. No need to kiss goodbye, shake hands or wish everyone a great evening. The knock serves as a goodbye. A fast knock on the tables with your knuckles does the trick. We think it’s also less disturbing then just shouting goodbyes at a café.


Want to know why the Germans knock the table?

Way back, the Germans believed the devil couldn’t touch the oak Stammtisch table. By knocking the table you could let your friends know it was actually you leaving the table and not the devil in disguise. Always nice to know that your friends don’t view you as a disguised devil 😉

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Disclaimer: No Germans were hurt nor beer was spilled in putting together this list!