BeerBeer typesOktoberfestOktoberfest limited edition Helles beer is available now at ZAPFLER


If you’re familiar with Munich, you must know Helles!



This beer enjoys great popularity in the Southern German regions of Bavaria, particularly in Munich. Brewed for this special season, come and enjoy this limited edition craft beer at ZAPFLER.


ZAPFLER Craft Beer

What is Helles beer?

The German word “Hell” translates to “bright, light or pale.” Helles is a traditional German pale lager beer, produced chiefly in Bavaria region. It’s a golden color beer, mildly sweet, with true malt flavor. Low bitterness like true lager, and clear even without filtration.

“We only use noble German hops in ZAPFLER’s craft beer” says brewer Ogi. This beer has noticeable touch of wheat malt, with floral, fresh aroma.


Oktoberfest Changzhou

ZAPFLER’s Oktoberfest

To celebrate the Munich’s Oktoberfest, 1L glass of Helles beer for only RMB88 on September 21st and 22nd.  Head over to your local ZAPFLER and grab your 1L size of Helles beer. Want to get some inspiration for your Oktoberfest outfit? Check our 2018 Changzhou Oktoberfest pictures here. 

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