FestivalPartyOktoberfest at ZAPFLER Changzhou


Oktoberfest 2018 at ZAPFLER Changzhou

Changzhou’s own Oktoberfest on October 26 and 27

Brewmaster Dirk Frauenheim started the 2018 festival by tapping the first Oktoberfest beer ‘Helles’.

Free flow of beer

Each day was kicked of with a free flow of Oktoberfest beer. That’s right! Early birds dressed up in traditional German outfits enjoyed a free flow while the keg lasted.

Live music and traditional German food

A live band performed on stage while the crowd danced or drunk their favorite craft beer while munching on traditional German Oktoberfest food like Pretzels and Pork Knuckle.

Check it out

Pictures say more than a 1000 words so check for yourself. See you next year!

What’s an Oktoberfest anyway?

It’s the biggest beer festival in the world! And with big we actually mean huge. In 2018 about 6.3 million party-goers drunk a whopping 7.5 million liter of beer.

The world famous beer fest takes place in München on the Theresienwiese. It all starts when the Mayor sais “O’zapft” which basically means the tap is opened and the party starts.

Don’t be surprised but the Oktoberfest actually takes place in September. Traditionally it starts on the first Saturday after September the 15th at 12PM. The fest usually lasts until the first Sunday in October.

Want to know how it all started?
We’ll have to go way back in history. All the way to 1810 when crown-prince Lodewijk of Beieren married his princess Theresia of Saksen-Hildburghausen. That’s a great way to celebrate your wedding isn’t it?