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Drink Like The Germans Do!

What does the German word “Gemütlichkeit” mean? 

Lěng Jìng – Calm Down we’ll tell  you now.

Gemütlichkeit is often translated to ‘coziness,’ ‘pleasantness’ or ‘friendliness.’

And yes, the Germans do know how to relax and have a cozy time. They park themselves in the nearest beer garden, order a Mass beer and sip away. No silly beer games or downing beers like crazy.

Take your time, chat with your friends and relax while drinking your favorite beer.

Better yet! Make it a trip to the newest ZAPFLER location in Wujiang.

Stay tuned for the next #DrinkLikeTheGermansDo post because it might include an Oktoberfest song with the word “Gemütlichkeit” in it.

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Disclaimer: No Germans were hurt nor beer was spilled in putting together this list!