Drink like the Germans doDrink Like The Germans Do – Part 14


Who invented “Brunch” even without food?

Today our Drink Like The Germans Do post is about ‘Frühschoppen.’ We’re happy to introduce this German word to you.

It has to do with mornings and beer. Hanging out in your favorite beer garden around 11am while drinking Hefeweizen is totes okay. Well… as long as you sit down for a ‘Frühschoppen.’


Brunch or no brunch?

‘Frühschoppen’ is brunch without food. This liquid brunch is an alcoholic drink that’s served at a local pub before midday.

In Germany and Austria locals head over to their favorite pub in the late morning. Usually, friends meet up for ‘Frühschoppen’ during the late Sunday morning.

So next time you feel like having a beer in the morning… Just head over to ZAPFLER and order a “Frühschoppen.”

PS: So we see you at ZAPFLER this Sunday at 11AM right 😉