Drink like the Germans doDrink Like The Germans Do – Part 15


THE most important thing..?

Is knowing how to order beer in Germany!


By now you should know beer isn’t just beer in Germany. It’s a way of living. Hence, yo don’t march into a brewery and demand ‘a beer’ if you want to make friends.

And even more important…

Don’t order “a beer” in a craft brewery. They might mistake you for a fool 😉 .

Right…So how to avoid said faux pas?




Order your beer in Germany like a pro

Play it cool by taking a look at the menu. All the names and beer styles leaving you woozy? Safe face by asking for a specific beer style you do know. Like Hefeweizen, Pilsner or a Lager.

The waiter will likely respond to you by explaining which brands of Hefeweizen or Pilsner they have. Because like we said… Beer in Germany is something we’re proud of!



Avoid this rookie mistake

And never ever make a mistake to order a “Koelsch” in Dusseldorf. Or anywhere else than Cologne in fact. Because Cologne is the home of the Koelsch. Just like Bavaria is the home to the Helles beer. Except for places outside Germany – like ZAPFLER = where you can enjoy various German beer specialties at one place.

Take a look at the image below for typical German beer styles.




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ZAPFLER is a German craft beer brewery in Shanghai, Changzhou, Jintan and Suzhou. Founder Dirk started brewing in 2014 when he missed a good fresh German beer in China. A lot has happened since then. We’ve opened four locations, created other craft drinks like Heike Mate and Schnapps, won several awards including the Shanghai ‘craft beer bar of the year‘ award in 2017 and 2019.