OthersBeer Challenge by ZAPFLER Shanghai


ZAPFLER Beer Challenge, are you up for it?

Drinking German craft beer in Shanghai is always fun but even more so on Fridays. Here’s why: At 8PM sharp we host the weekly challenge. Join and get the chance to win plenty of exciting and fun prizes.



How to join the beer challenge

Drumrolls… Participating in the beer drinking challenge is FREE. You’ll get a 330ml ZAPFLER craft beer to drink with straw eyeglasses. Whoever finishes first wins. Simple and fun!


What it looks like

Below you’ll see a picture of teams getting ready for the challenge.



All-time winner of the game

Finishing his beer through straw-glasses is Rio. In 2019 nobody was able to beat Rio who was chugging down his beer in 29.9 seconds. But who knows.. 2020 might be your year!




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