It all started with a German guyMISSING CRAFT BEER

Back in 2013 during a night of drinking local beers in China. Dirk and his friend Rolf talked about missing the freshly brewed beers from the Black Forest area. Rolf encouraged Dirk to start brewing beer and the rest is history!

What's brewing inOUR BREWERY

Brewmaster Dirk and his team work their magic in a 10HL brewery in Jintan and a 50HL brewery near Shanghai.

Each beer is brewed in small batches. So, our beer is a true craft!

Great ingredients makeGREAT BEER

A few days a week brewmaster Dirk and his team make your favorite drink in either Jintan or Shanghai. The beers are brewed with imported ingredients from Germany and sunny Australia. Purified water is also used in the process.

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Citra IPA's
Citra IPA’s
Single hop IPA’s with maximal flavor and taste. The Citra Hop is unfiltered with 6,6% alcohol. The Summer Citra is filtered with 4,6% alcohol.