ZAPFLER started in 2014 because Dirk missed a pure, fresh craft beer like he used to drink in Germany. Since then, we dedicate ourselves to brew and serve pure, fresh, premium quality craft drinks and authentic food.

Let’s face it. The freshness and quality of our beers are superb. Drinking fresh craft beer brewed by Dirk makes you feel like you’re in his hometown area of the Black Forrest in Germany. So, yes! We believe locally brewed, fresh craft beer is simply the best

Pure Water, high quality malt, finest hops and fresh specialty yeast. That’s all you need to brew a perfect beer. No bullsh*t, just great quality. Brewing delicious beer, just like we’ve always done in Germany.

We believe in craftsmanship!

We believe in making new friends, one beer at a time

While you enjoy the craft beer and authentic food at ZAPFLER you will make new friends. Join the Stammtisch or hang out with our regulars. Strangers are just friends you haven’t met!

Quality before Profit!

ZAPFLER is family owned brewery group. We take it one step further. Our team is our family. They passionately poor the freshest beer, cook delicious food and run our brewpubs like the champs they are. Our team is awesome! And we take care of them.

It's not only our belief, it's our passion!

Brewing is our life! Each beer is brewed and served with passion. And you can taste that!