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We’re brewing!

It’s Oktoberfest O’clock in the ZAPFLER brewery as brewmaster Dirk Frauenheim started brewing the limited edition 2019 Oktoberfest beer.

Why we drink Maerzen at the Oktoberfest

Traditionally, brewers in the Bavaria area brew Maerzen in March. Because.. Maerzen is German for “March.” It’s a pale lager that’s traditionally brewed in March (hence its name) and stored in caves before the hot summer makes brewing lagers nearly impossible.

Craft beer lovers enjoy cold Maerzen beer all throughout the summer. The leftovers are finished at the end of September. Right before the new brewing season starts with the colder temperatures.

The Maerzen is also the beer served at what became the first Oktoberfest celebration –
the wedding reception for Bavarian King Ludwig I and Maria Theresa.

It’s a very special edition

It’s an extra special Oktoberfest brew as it’s the 5th year of brewing Oktoberfest beer at ZAPFLER. This year we’ve brewed the Maerzen with 225 kg Pilsner and Munich Malt, German Noble Hops and Fresh Munich Lager yeast. We can’t wait to try the brew this Autumn. Prost!

When will the Maerzen be available?

The Oktoberfest Maerzen will be released after 6 month of maturing. Right in time for our annual beer festival in Shanghai: Found 158, Changzhou: Canal 5 and Jintan: Jingsha Park.