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Kefir Lime Ale

Kefir Lime Ale is an all time summer favorite. Dating back from the time Shanghai ZAPFLER was still located at Yong Kang Lu. It’s also the 9th most popular craft beer at ZAPFLER. This Pale Ale is made with Kaffir lime leaves instead of hops. But what is Kaffir lime? We’re telling you now 🙂


Kaffir Lime fresh for kefir lime ale

What is Kaffir Lime?

Kaffir lime is a Southeast Asian favorite. The fragrant fruit is native to tropical Asia including Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. The fruit and leaves are popular ingredients for cooking and to make essential oils for perfumes.The intense citrus fragrance is unlike other citrus fruits.


Kaffir-lime-on-tree-ingredient-for-kefir lime-beer

Kefir Lime Ale for non-beer lovers

New to the beer drinking game? Brewmaster Dirk recommends the kefir lime ale (or a ginger beer) to new beer drinkers. The traditional beer hops are replaced by fermented fresh kaffir lime leaves. You’ll smell lemon, mandarin, lime and floral accents in the beer. This makes the ale refreshing and slightly sour. The crisp drink tastes like a slightly sour Shandy. A must try for hot summer days!

Fun ‘facts’ 

Want an excuse to drink the Kefir Lime Ale at ZAPFLER? How about it’s alleged health benefits? Kaffir lime is supposed to boost health. It does so by detoxification of the blood, boosting the skin, improving digestion and reducing stress. So drinking Kaffir lime beer at ZAPFLER is fun and reduces stress ;). Let’s cheers to that 😉


Kaffir Lime - kefir lime

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