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ZAPFLER Food and drinks explainer


It’s time for a ZAPFLER food and drink explainer. An introduction to our tastiest craft beers and authentic German food. Next time you visit ZAPFLER you’ll know what to order. Or just ask our crew for their favorites.

German food and drinks at ZAPFLER in Shanghai and beyond.


Fresh home-brewed craft beer

Let’s talk beer first. We’ve got over 12 styles of craft beer. Ranging from fan-favorites like Floezlinger Special and limited editions like Oktoberfest beer. You can explore our whole craft beer range here or read about two of our favorites below.


The 2-4-8 beer is brewed by 2 brewers with 4 kinds of hops turning into a delicious craft beer with 8% alcohol. This special brew marked the 4th anniversary of ZAPFLER in China. Despite being the strongest IPA it has a smooth taste. A must try when visiting ZAPFLER.




ZAPFLER Twin Peaks

Koelsch beer. A highly fermented beer that’s low in alcohol. The refreshingly light beer has subtle fruit aroma. The fresh yeast adds a soft touch to this popular beer making this a fan favorite.


Craft drinks

Cocktail lovers can enjoy premium quality craft drinks mixed on-site by our bartenders. Spice up your drinks with a kick of our home-made Schnapps.


Want a mellow energy kick without the jitters that other caffeinated drinks give you? Try our Heike Mate. We crafted a natural energy drink based on South-American Yerba-Mate tea. Insider tip: Boost your cider by adding Heike Mate.


Want a stronger kick? Try Heike Jaeger. We’ll add 2 shots of Jaegermeister to your Heike Mate. Or try the Rita Mate. The favorite drink of our singer Rita: Heike Mate with lime, mint and cucumber. Of course we had to name the drink after her!



Not into the bitterness of beer? Try our sweet and savory cider. ZAP’s Boozy Apples. This refreshing apple cider is made with fresh apples and brewed with Champagne yeast. A sweet, floral and fruity drink. What’s not to love..!



Our food and drink explainer continues with ZAPFLER’s cuisine. We serve German and other Western delicacies made from premium quality ingredients. Try our crunchy pork knuckle or the beer bread to enjoy food made with our craft beer.



Pork knuckle

Our must-try dish is the pork knuckle. A 24 hour marinated and slow cooked pork knuckle. Roasted crispy and tender in the oven while staying juicy on the inside. Topped with our special meat sauce and served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. Great for sharing!


Have you ever seen a German craft beer restaurant without a Schnitzel? We serve a crispy Schnitzel. Perfectly breaded and fried until crispy. Served with sautéed veggies and potato salad.

Beef Goulash

Feeling cold? Order the beef goulash. A goulash is a stew or soup. The ZAPFLER beef goulash is cooked with red wine and plenty of spices too give the dish the delicious warming goulash taste. Served with sour cream and 3 slices of beer bread.



We serve plenty of snacks to pair with your beers. Take a ‘trip’ to Germany and order the mini sausage platter. You’ll get a sampler board with six flavors of mini-sausages with flavors like ‘spicy’, ‘curry’, ‘smoked’ or ‘cheese’.

If you want to try a savory bread snack to pair with your beer you can order the Pretzel or beer bread.